It is so exciting to plan your child’s birthday party. At the same time it could be very time consuming! You have to decide on the theme, food, decoration, invitations and on and on…

And how to keep the kids entertained?

Get them an inflatable! Yes, get them a bounce house. But how to decide what is the right one for you – bounce house, slide, obstacle course or what?

Let us try to help you!

There are a few things you should consider:

  1. How many kids are you expecting at the party?

It is important to consider how many children are coming to the party. This will also depend on what kind of event you are having as well.

A back yard birthday usually would have between 10-20 kids. A school event can have 100-200 kids.

If you are having 10 or 15 kids at your party you can consider picking a bounce house or combo with slide.

A bounce house with size 15’x15’ and a combo bouncer can fit up to 9 kids at a time. Even if you have more kids at the party, have in mind that you are supposed to separate the little ones from the older ones.

If you have a festival or a block party, where you expect to have a lot of kids you may consider renting an inflatable slide or an obstacle course. A bounce house can fit only a certain amount of children and leads to long waiting time and lines.

An inflatable slide or an obstacle course involves one or two participants going through the inflatable for short amount of time keeping the line moving quickly.

  1. What is the average age of the kids?

Having little kids you shouldn’t rent a tall dry or water slide that might scare them. Little kids love to jump, so to rent a bounce house or bounce house with slide is your best option.

If you want to rent an inflatable slide for kids over 12 years old you should go with 15’ and taller units. 12’ inflatable slide most likely won’t keep their attention for long.

  1. Are you looking to entertain only the kids or the parents as well?

All of our inflatables are designed to be used from kids. If you would like to entertain the adults as well you can get an obstacle course, water slide, dry slide, or an inflatable game such, as soccer darts or a basketball game. The perfect fit for high school age children or adults is our 60’ obstacle course.

  1. How much space you have?

Is your yard big or small? How much set up area is required for setting up your inflatable? Some of our inflatables can require up to 70’x20’ set up area like our 60’ obstacle course. Having a small yard ,you might have to choose renting 13’x13’ or 15’x15 jump house.

  1. What is your budget?

Slides and obstacle courses are great fun, but are costly, too. Renting a water slide is the best thing you can do, if you are not worried about the cost. Working on a tight budget, you will need to go with a standard bounce house.

Remember water slide, combo bouncer or a moonwalk is not what matter. Both, kids and parents will appreciate you renting an inflatable for your party.

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