Why shouldn’t use any sticky substances near the inflatable rental?

People often use silly string for adding extra fun during birthday parties, carnivals, weddings and other occasions. It is fun, but not really… you must not use silly string in or around the inflatable rental. Many people don’t understand why?

Strings are mixture of components dispersed throughout a liquid solvent in an aerosol can. The inflatable – bounce house or slide is made of vinyl. When the silly string comes in contact with it, the chemical in the string will cause the string to adhere to the inflatable cloth and has the residue in it. The residue could degrade the vinyl integrity and fire retardant. The chemical will burn into the unit and causing a black mark. This isn’t good for maintaining the inflatable.

Avoid high cleaning fee

Silly string stains the vinyl and it takes hours to be cleaned off. The damages on the cloth and stitching seams caused by canned string are unseen. It’s almost impossible to take off all of it. Rental companies, will implement a cleaning fee between $200.00 and $500.00 or up to full replacement of the unit, when any kind of canned string is used.

Silly string creates risk for your children’s safety

The harmful chemicals in the string can get into children’s mouth or eyes, when jumping inside the bouncer. Imagine how likely it is to happen, when kids are laughing and yelling having fun in the bounce house.
The chemical will also make the bouncer floor to become extremely slippery, which is very dangerous for children and may cause slip hazards. Nobody wants to see they children falling and bumping heads on the moon bounce.

These are the reasons you should not allow your kids spray silly string inside the bounce house, even if it looks fun. It is not safe and also can damage the inflatable. It reduces the life on the bounce house and you will spend a lot of time cleaning it, or could be charged a high amount cleaning fee. Even if not using silly string your child can still have an awesome birthday.

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