Party Rental Policies


We reserve the right to cancel a reservation or reschedule it for another day, due to heavy rains or high winds (15 mph or greater). Equipment will not be set up in heavy rain or wind in excess of 14 mph. We will call you on the day before your party to confirm your reservation. You have the option of cancelling your order or rescheduling it, if the forecast for your party hours shows 50% or more chance for rain, or wind exceeding 14 mph. If you’d rather decide to cancel the reservation due to bad weather, there’s no penalty and your deposit will be fully refunded. When you decide to re-schedule, you can use your credit in the next one year. If you choose to have us come and we are unable to set up due to weather conditions (rain, wind) you will forfeit any money paid for the rental (deposit is non-refundable at this point). Once the jumper is delivered, the FULL AMOUNT IS DUE, NO REFUNDS, regardless of total time used. We ask that the customer be informed of all weather conditions approaching by watching or listening to their local news.


Delivery, setup, and pickup are provided with your inflatable rental and this is included in the cost. Assessment of a safe setup location free of all obstructions including irrigation systems, prior to delivery is renter’s responsibility. If you are not sure about your setup location, please contact us in advance and we can discuss the setup requirements. If, at the time of delivery, it is determined that the renter’s preferred setup location may compromise safety or present risk of damage to the equipment, an alternative site will be determined by our driver.

We offer a free delivery up to 25 miles. Mileage in excess of the 25-mile radius will incur an additional $3.00 per mile delivery charge. All mileage calculations are based upon information obtained from Please call us, if you are not sure if your party is taking place within our delivery area.


All rentals require a 30% deposit to reserve the equipment. Deposit will be applied to the rental cost. Deposits must be made at the time of placing the reservation in order for the event to be confirmed in our reservation system. You can pay online or over the phone by credit or debit card, mail us a company check or provide cash. All rentals must be paid in full at the time of delivery – full payment is due prior to set up of the equipment.


Customer will receive full refund of deposit if customer cancels no later than 15 days prior the event date. If customer cancels within 15-7 days prior the event day, the deposit is non-refundable but customer has the option to reschedule the event (up to one year). If customer cancels 6 days or less prior the event start time, deposit is non-refundable and customer does not have the option to re-schedule. All Weather Cancellations can reschedule their event within one year of the original event date. All decisions to cancel due to weather or any other reason need to be made BEFORE the scheduled delivery time. Once the jumper is delivered, the FULL AMOUNT IS DUE, NO REFUNDS.


Damage, which is not limited to cutting or tearing of vinyl or netting, and damage due to overturning, overloading, exceeding rated capacities, improper use, abuse, or lack of cleaning, will be assessed a damage fee. The following fees may be assessed for negligence, abuse or cleaning of the inflatables.

  • Spilled food, drink, excessive dirt, sand, mud, glitter, gym or any other sticky substances in the inflatable will result in a $100 – $500 cleaning fee;
  • Negligence, abuse, or damage to units could result in repair fee of $250 – $5000;
  • If unit is not repairable, a FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE FEE of $2000-$15,000 could result;
  • “Silly String” or use of any other chemicals and sticky substances are not allowed. Found on the inflatable will result of fees from $500 and up to the FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE FEE of the unit.

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