5 things you need to know, when picking a bounce house company

Having a party and you came to the great decision renting a bounce house, but how to find the right company you should rent from?

There a few things you should consider:

1. First and the most important is to make sure the place you rent from has an insurance.

You might think “Why I have to pay for company with insurance, when I can save renting from someone without insurance?” Think twice!
Yes, you are renting for just couple hours, but there are bunch of kids to your party and parent, some of them you might even do not know.
Having a bounce house is no more dangerous, than having your kids playing on the playground, when you stick with the safety rules. But do not forget, that you are having it on your event and at your property. Make sure you are covered. Ask for prove of insurance.

2. Make sure the company you rent from has safety policy and implement the safety rules.

Everyone with insurance will give you to sign a waiver, with rules you should follow. We are all required to do that by our insurance agents. But does everyone do their job to make sure you understand what you are signing for, or what is safe and what is not? Look for reviews! Look for what people say about safety in those reviews. Make sure the guys will take their time to explain you all about safety, when they deliver, not just make you sign and leave.

3. What is the condition on the bounce house you renting?

Is it clean? Does it smell on mold? Does is have damages on it? Look for reviews on Facebook and Yelp. Ask how old is the inflatable you are renting. Try to stick with units not older, than 5 years.
Some companies take good care on their inflatables, cleaning and drying them after each rental. That increase the life on the bounce house or slide, so 5 years is not a rule, but the newer the unit is the better chance it to be in good shape.
Over here we would like to tell you, why it is better to rent from a small company rather than renting form a large one. Small companies have less rentals and let’s say 2 years old bounce house might have been used 20-30 times, compare to 100-150 times with the large company.
In addition to that a company having 10-20 inflatables can way easier maintain them, than company having 50-100 units. On the other hand there are people that might have only 2 inflatable, but they bought them used and still do not take good care of them. Be aware! Read reviews.
Ask for commitment the inflatable will be clean, when they deliver it and listen what they will say. Leave a review with your experience, so you help others make the right choice.

4. Make sure the company you rent with will show up on time.

You do not want your kids to be waiting on a bounce house, that will never arrive. Stick with somebody with good reputation. Ask them to guaranty you, that they will show up on time. Listen to what they say and be aware. Do they sound confident and reliable? Reputable companies got to know how to assure you, that you will have your rental on time.

5. Make sure they treat the customer as a king.

Do they answer on phone calls? If they do not answer, when you call to place an order, what is the chance they will answer, when you need them to confirm the delivery, or respond to a problem?
What they say, when they answer the phone? Make sure they are devoted to their customer. Make sure they will treat you as a king, not just make an effort until they get paid.
Are they pushy? Are they flexible? Do they help you on picking the right inflatable? All that matter!

We hope we’ve been helpful and that you have great time at you party.
Here at Jumping Bunny Rentals we do the things right. We always make sure you got the best experience renting your party equipment. See our inflatables.

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